Our arrangements are made with care and consideration to bring beauty into your home. You can do a few things to maximize longevity and enjoyment as soon as you receive your arrangement.  

Display your flowers in a clean vase

Ensure that the vessel you choose is clean and there is no debris in the water. Doing so will help your stems absorb water efficiently while also keeping the blooms from ageing prematurely. If your arrangement already comes in a vase, check that the water is still clean and clear.

Trim stems before placing in water 

Cutting a half-inch off the bottom of your stems allows for fresh surface area to absorb water. Try to make your cut at a 45-degree angle, using a sharp blade, to maximize the surface area of the stem. 

Provide lots of water

Flowers need a lot of water, particularly after transport. Check daily to make sure there is still water in the vase, topping it up as required. 

Trim leaves and flowers below the waterline

Submerged foliage will rot, contaminating the fresh, clean water in the vase. Keep things clean by pruning any extra leaves or flowers that would otherwise be submerged. 

Keep flowers away from sunlight and direct heat 

Cool spaces and indirect light will prolong the life of your arrangement, preventing flowers from drying out or rapidly maturing from the sun. 

Place arrangement away from fruits and vegetables

The gases emitted by produce, such as bananas and avocados, can cause premature wilting. 

Re-trim stems when you replace water

Fresh cut stems will increase the amount of water the stems can absorb. Just make sure that you cut on a 45-degree angle and trim any excess foliage for the new height of the stems.

Add flower ‘food’ to your vase

If you’re out of flower food, or your arrangement didn’t come with a small package of food, creating your own solution will extend the life of your arrangement. To one litre of water, add two tablespoons of lemon juice, one tablespoon of sugar, and ½ teaspoon of bleach. The mix will provide food while inhibiting fungus and bacteria growth. 

Enjoy the beauty of your arrangement! 

Flowers are gorgeous to view, intoxicating to smell, and proven to help alleviate stress. Just note that some blooms are toxic to both humans and pets and should never be consumed. Protect yourself and others by keeping arrangements away from children and pets, as well as thoroughly washing your hands after coming into contact with the arrangement. When handling flowers, consider gloves if you’ve got sensitive skin, and refrain from touching your eyes, face, or mouth after coming into contact with the flowers.

What floral design style does Gorgeous & Beautiful feature?

The arrangements we offer showcase flowers in a variety of ways, highlighting natural beauty and form. Whether it is a simple yet impactful arrangement of a single type of flower, or a mixed bouquet of complimentary blooms, all Gorgeous & Beautiful arrangements share the same sophisticated design sentiment. Our nearly 15 years of floral design in vibrant and diverse Toronto lends a unique luxury to our arrangements.

Where are you located?

Gorgeous & Beautiful at the Market is located at Toronto’s historical St. Lawrence Market, 93 Front Street East. Our market stand is just inside the main northern entrance, and we are open during regular market hours. Please visit the St Lawrence Market website for updated hours.

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